Spingle Move – SPM-450 Red Brown & Navy Oil Wax Leather High Cut Shoe


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Oil Wax Leather High Cut A high cut that uses a combination of heavy oil-wax leather and high-quality velour.

Oil-wax leather is a leather that contains a lot of oil, and by regularly replenishing the oil with leather cream, it changes to a deeper and more uneven color.

* Please note that the color will fade if the oil is removed over time.

Upper: Cow oil-wax leather and cow velour

Outsole: Made of natural rubber, it has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility. Shallow "No.8 Outsole"

Insole: Resilient and soft latex sponge

Lining: Breathable canvas

Shoelaces: Waxed round string

Men’s Size Conversion

M = 8-8.5

L = 9-9.5

LL = 10-10.5

XL = 11-11.5

XXL = 12-12.5

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